About Safir Plus

Save your time, money & minimize hassle with us

Primarily, Safir Plus Valet Parking Services LLC provides Valet Parking Service in UAE. Here, our professional valet parking services begins with a RTA certified, highly trained professional valet service attendant.

Exclusively, our team take appropriate care and safety considerations for valet operations. Likewise, our valets are the welcome doors of your business here in Dubai, UAE.

Provides total valet parking and transportation solutions. Our management staff has vast experience in the valet industry. As a team, our staff can accommodate and customize all of your individualized parking and transportation needs. We are specialized for not only in big properties, but also Valet Parking in Events too.

Are you planning a charity gala at a local landmark? Truly, Safir Plus Valet Parking Services has provided valet service for major functions at locations. For example, you want to provide valet service, but don’t have access to parking space ? Certainly, we have excellent working relationships with over 450 local landlords, property managers, and event coordinators. If you don’t know where to find parking for your guests, we can find it for you.
  • Our Vision

    We positively proceed to be a market leader in the sector that facilitates Hotels and Corporates with the most advanced and superior valet parking, steward, car wash & parking management solutions.

  • Our Mission

    Safir Plus leverages our nimble operational structure that adapts to our client’s needs. We have a successful company’s flexibility, responsiveness, and energy characteristics. It translates into more intensive customer service and a “hands-on” client experience.

  • Core Values

    Provides total valet parking and transportation solutions. Our management staff has vast experience in the valet industry.