About L’Île de S

L’Île de S is the first luxurious cosmetic product formulated in France, produced in Lebanon. Offering a range of skincare, L’Île de S is a blend of the most powerful active ingredients selected from all over the world. Its luscious fusion with the skin creates a unique reinvigorating feel and boasts an unparalleled look.

Our Products

  • Body Care

    Body care from L’Île de S presents you products for all skin types. Our products are made with best qualities and ingredients that promote a healthy look.

  • Facial Products

    Face care from L’Île de S helps in maintenance of the face and its features such as the skin, lips and eyelashes so that it has an attractive, youthful appearance.

  • Solar Products

    Great tans don’t happen by accident, they happen by L’Île de S’ well known tanning oils and creams.

  • Hair Care Products

    Invest you hair by L’Île de S’ hair care collection. It’s the crown you never take it off.