About CAS Chemie Adhesives Trading

CAS Chemie LLC, Dubai UAE, is a company providing specialty adhesive solutions. We manufacture and supply full range of Water based, Solvent based, Polyurethane, Epoxy & Hotmelt adhesives to compliment client needs.

CAS Chemie is a member of The Economic Group, a multibillion conglomerate established in Dubai and owned by one of the ruling families of United Arab Emirates. The group encompasses diverse business activities including but not limited to Industrial Chemicals, home and personal care products, Transportation, Logistics, Auto Trade & Servicing, Mining, Trading, Landscape and Irrigation, Foods & Beverages, Advertisement, IT Solutions, to name a few. The group employs more than 15000 employees in different business entities.

Our Categories

  • Construction Adhesives

    Ideal for large to medium surfaces providing fast initial tack and the ability to fill gaps in interior and exterior applications.

  • Industrial Adhesives

    Cutting edge adhesive systems used in the manufacturing and assembly of components across a diverse range of industrial sectors.

  • Sealants

    From simple DIY needs to large scale indoor and outdoor projects, we have all your sealing needs covered.