About United Makgroup Technologies

In a world of technology, it’s the people who make the difference. We believe that people are at the heart of everything we do – from the ones that offer best-fit solutions to the ones who reap the benefits of those solutions.

For almost 3 decades, operating under the name of Rashed Al Makhawi Enterprises LLC, our people have been powering the technology that empowers our partners. Our vision has always remained futuristic, while our feet have always been grounded to values of forging partnerships based on trust and long lasting commitment.

In light of this we have given a new cover to an old story. Our rebranded business name – United MakGroup Technologies LLC is a reflection of our futuristic vision and age old values. The ‘M’ formation of our identity is an amalgamation of two upward moving triangles symbolizing growth and conjoined at the center symbolizing partnership. Our identity is a testament to our belief that growth can be stable only if anchored by long term partnerships – whether internal or external.

This further enhances our brand promise of “People – Powered Technology”

Why Choose Us

  • We are here for you, today and tomorrow.

    Businesses all around us are undergoing transformation, reformation and restructuring. Brands that we represent have changed hands over the years but we have not. We pride ourselves on our consistency, stability and history in this region.

  • We choose good service over profits.

    We believe in real service. That means we will be in your face 24 / 7 of you want us to be, or just an email or phone call away, if you rather we did not bother you. Yes this costs us more, but we don’t mind.

  • We keep everyone happy.

    We have installed systems in the region’s notable banks, brokerages, call centers and control rooms. Our project management and support has left not just the end user happy but also all other stakeholders – from Business to IT to Procurement and Operations.

  • We believe in continuum.

    A continuum is a continuous series of elements passing into each other. Over the years our portfolio of solutions have grown the same way. Our excellence in supplying analogue and digital voice recording solutions led to a more broadened spectrum of call center technology.