About Aktiv Nation

Aktiv Nation isn’t just another run-of-the-mill indoor sports facility in Dubai. Because here, we believe in the power of sport. The power to effect positive change by uniting people and breaking down barriers. Because we believe in the philosophy of sport. One that embodies discipline, respect, responsibility, and fairness. And because we believe sport is fun, really fun.

The sports we offer; the flooring we offer them on; the lighting we’ve picked; the amenities we’ve chosen; the environment we’ve created: these were all carefully and purposefully selected to bring you the best indoor sports experience in the UAE.

At Aktiv Nation, everything we do, we do for the love of sport. And we hope you will too.

Our Sports Facilities

  • Futsal

    For the Love of the Nutmeg

  • Basketball

    For the Love of the Crossover

  • Badminton

    For the Love of the Smash

  • VolleyBall

    For the Love of the Spike

  • Street Cricket

    For the Love of the Six